It’s not too soon. It’s too late. I’m politicizing it.

This afternoon, after spending a few minutes in my office, watching live coverage of our country’s most recent school shooting, I was talking about the tragedy with my nurse, who grew up in London: “You didn’t have a lot of school shootings in England, did you?” “No, we didn’t. Nobody had guns. All people had […]

My patients made me political.

Before I went to medical school, I had little interest in politics. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about my country; I spent seven years serving in the United States Navy and have always taken pride in being an American. I suppose the reason for my political apathy was because things had always gone pretty […]

Citations Needed: The curious “science” of integrative medicine

My experience at "Get Your Life Back NOW!"

I recently attended (and live-tweeted) an integrative medicine conference called “Get Your Life Back NOW!” held in Orlando, FL on November 3-4, 2017. There were actually three separate but related events that weekend: a conference for medical professionals, a conference for the general public, and a $350-per-plate gala called Doctors Who Rock in honor of […]

The “Clean Label Project” is playing dirty.

Earlier today, a group called “Clean Label Project” released the results of a study that they say found dangerous contaminants in infant formulas and baby foods. It’s been going around on social media and various news outlets, and, as is often the case, it has benefited from some pretty irresponsible reporting. (My favorite tagline was […]

GMO ahead. It’s as safe as any other food.

As I prepare to wade into yet another of the hottest debates on the planet, I want to approach this topic rationally. That means isolating the actual science from our feelings about economics and corporate policies. And it also means starting at the very beginning. What’s a gene? DNA has often been called a “genetic […]

Please pass [on] the placenta.

Recently, safety concerns related to placenta encapsulation made headlines when the CDC released a case report about a baby in Oregon that suffered from Group B Strep sepsis–not just once, but twice. For many of you, this may have been the first time you realized that people eat placentas. But yes, placentophagy (as it’s technically […]

Healthcare: Beyond the Noise

Well, it seems that the people we elected to run our country have decided to take a little summer vacation before trying (yet again) to replace an imperfect healthcare act with a far less perfect one–the inappropriately-named Better Care Reconciliation Act. That’s probably for the best. Perhaps the recess will give them the opportunity to […]