A Tale of One “Study”

The Vaccine Study You’ve Never Seen

  In a recent post, I described a study that would settle any lingering doubts about vaccine safety or effectiveness. There were a few practical issues, not the least of which was that it would be despicably unethical because it would involve children dying from preventable diseases. It would also take decades, cost an insane amount … Read more

A Formula For Success: The Formula List

Formulas list

This is an extensive list of commercial infant formulas, along with a brief description of each. This list is meant to be used in conjunction with A Formula for Success: The Ultimate Guide to Infant Formulas. If you haven’t read it yet, please do; this list will be confusing if you don’t. Unless otherwise noted, all formulas … Read more

Citations Needed: The Curious “Science” Of Integrative Medicine

Citations Needed The Curious “Science” Of Integrative Medicine

I recently attended (and live-tweeted) an integrative medicine conference called “Get Your Life Back NOW!” held in Orlando, FL on November 3-4, 2017. There were actually three separate but related events that weekend: a conference for medical professionals, a conference for the general public, and a $350-per-plate gala called Doctors Who Rock in honor of the “game changers of the … Read more

The REAL Problem With Vaccines

The Vaccine Study You’ve Never Seen

  I used to try to avoid vaccine arguments. It’s the single most passionately-defended topic in pediatrics; that’s one thing we can all agree on, whether you’re anti-vax or anti-anti-vax. And it should be contentious. If kids are dying and you have a way to prevent it, you should be standing on the street corner preaching your heart out. And … Read more

The Vaccine Study You’ve Never Seen

The Vaccine Study You’ve Never Seen

I’ve seen a lot of social media posts or comment threads that say we don’t have any studies to prove that the CDC’s vaccine schedule is safe or effective. As a pediatrician, the first time I read that, I was surprised. But now, I think I understand. I think they mean that we haven’t done … Read more