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Newsweek, 11 Feb 2015: The Night My Heart Stopped Beating

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Newsweek, 06 Feb 2015: I Hesitated Before Vaccinating My Daughter–And I’m a Doctor

Newsweek, 04 Feb 2015: Dear Anti-Vax Parents: We’re Not Mad At You

KevinMD, 02 Feb 2015: Dear anti-vax parents: It’s not your fault

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KevinMD, 17 Jan 2015: Why is diagnosing ear infections so hard?

KevinMD, 08 Jan 2015: A 3-year-old taught me to chase my dreams

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2 thoughts on “In the Press

  1. Dear Dr. Hayes,
    I read your letter in kevinmd about your three daughters and questions and answers about vaccinations. I wanted to thank you for your gentle approach to this issue. I think this type of approach might be the most effective in reaching those with fears and suspicions about childhood vaccinations.
    My question for you is what would you say to the parents who fear the quantity and timing of vaccinations given to children and young adults? I raised my kids in the 80s and didn’t think twice about the safety. I’m enough of a baby boomer to retain gratitude for pharmacological breakthroughs, having known those crippled by polio and hearing the stories from my elders about similar diseases. But I have heard these doubts voiced by younger parents and wondered what your response to them would be.
    Yours in health,
    Lori Juarez

    • Lori–thanks for reading. I think there are two sides to that question–one is whether our vaccine program is safe, and the other is whether the current vaccines are necessary.

      Regarding safety, we have studies to show that vaccine are one of the safest medical interventions we have. I have told a lot of parents that the most dangerous part about vaccinating your child is the drive to the pediatrician’s office. The rate of serious side effects is just so low compared to the risk of these diseases, that it is clearly the right decision. I linked to some of these studies in another reply.

      The problem today isn’t that vaccines are unsafe–it’s that anybody who wants to can create a website, write whatever they want next to a picture of a syringe, and post it to Facebook to share with the world. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have the right to do that, but it is such a complex issue that most parents (even well-educated ones) have trouble deciding whom to believe. Being able to read and interpret scientific studies, see through the scary stuff that is either untrue or exceedingly rare, and trust evidence over emotion is really difficult.

      As far as the need for these vaccines, you’re exactly right. Most parents today have no idea what these diseases are like, so they aren’t very concerned about them. Explaining the reason why we want to protect against each disease, the reason multiple doses are needed, etc. can be helpful. Texas Children’s created a book that helps with this: you can read it here.