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My writing has been featured in The Washington Post, Newsweek, and KevinMD, among other media outlets.

If you are interested in republishing my material in print or on your site, please contact me. All material on this site is my original work, and I do not allow republication without permission.

The following are links to my posts on external sites (arranged in reverse chronological order):

KevinMD, 04 Feb 2016: The truth about fevers in infants

KevinMD, 10 Jan 2016: Prevent your baby from dying: 9 tips every parent should know

Washington Post, 21 Dec 2015: It’s winter, and snotty babies can spread this nasty illness

KevinMD, 24 Nov 2015: A physician’s personal experience with evidence-based medicine

Washington Post, 02 Nov 2015: My child can’t focus in school. Does he need medication?

The Scientific Parent, 13 Oct 2015: Potty Training Sucks. Here are 8 sanity-saving tips.

KevinMD, 02 Oct 2015: A pediatrician gives vaccine advice to presidential candidates

Forbes, 06 Aug 2015: Way Too Many School Start Way Too Friggin’ Early (feat. in article)

KevinMD, 21 Jul 2015: A doctor’s personal story of vaccine hesitancy

KevinMD, 08 Jul 2015: What is pediatrics? It’s more than just runny noses.

Washington Post, 07 Jul 2015: Here’s a lawn mower story intended to scare you

Washington Post, 15 Jun 2015: Here’s what to do if you worry about your child’s weight

KevinMD, 14 Apr 2015: We need to reframe alternative medicine in a new way. Like this.

Washington Post, 31 Mar 2015: Why is your baby crying? Is it really colic–or not?

Washington Post, 17 Mar 2015: Your kid is really sick but the doctor says it’s ‘just a virus’

KevinMD, 26 Feb 2015: 4 things this doctor learned after his heart stopped beating

KevinMD, 18 Feb 2015: So what’s the big deal about measles?

Newsweek, 11 Feb 2015: The Night My Heart Stopped Beating

Washington Post, 10 Feb 2015: Dear Anti-Vax Parents: We’re Not Mad At You

KevinMD, 09 Feb 2015: What If Mechanics Got Paid Like Doctors?

Newsweek, 06 Feb 2015: I Hesitated Before Vaccinating My Daughter–And I’m a Doctor

Newsweek, 04 Feb 2015: Dear Anti-Vax Parents: We’re Not Mad At You

iVillage Australia, 03 Feb 2015: To the parents that refuse to vaccinate their kids…

KevinMD, 02 Feb 2015: Dear anti-vax parents: It’s not your fault

KevinMD, 25 Jan 2015: Here’s why we need evidence-based pediatrics

KevinMD, 17 Jan 2015: Why is diagnosing ear infections so hard?

KevinMD, 08 Jan 2015: A 3-year-old taught me to chase my dreams

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