A Tale of One “Study”

Vaccine science done wrong.

In a recent post, I described a study that would settle any lingering doubts about vaccine safety or effectiveness. There were a few practical issues, not the least of which was that it would be despicably unethical because it would involve children dying from preventable diseases. It would also take decades, cost an insane amount […]

Why I Vaccinate My Kids

Most of you know me—if you know me at all—as a pediatrician. But I’m a parent, too, just like you. I have three fantastic girls that I love dearly. Let’s talk. My first daughter was born before I knew anything about medicine. She has taught me more than I could have imagined. I’ve watched as […]

Once again…vaccines do not cause autism. (Really.)

Through some unfortunate and seemingly diabolical sequence of events, Andrew Wakefield has found his way back into the spotlight, this time in the form of a documentary to be screened at the Tribeca film festival. The film, Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, brings back the debunked claim that vaccines cause autism. And airing this film […]

Keep cancer from getting your kids: the HPV vaccine

Let’s talk about sex. And vaccines. More specifically, a vaccine that is intimately associated with sex–the HPV vaccine. Maybe your child is approaching the age when you have to make a decision about this vaccine. Maybe your kids are so young, you’re not even thinking about it yet. Or perhaps your child already got the […]

The Presidential Candidates’ Brief Guide to Vaccines

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this; I know you’re busy fund-raising and campaigning, so I’ll try to keep it brief. It’s recently become quite apparent that several of you have some serious misconceptions about our immunization program. That’s unfortunate for people seeking such a prominent position. (It’s especially disappointing […]

5 Things Parents Think Their Baby Doesn’t Need (sometimes, they’re right)

One of the trends in newborn care is that more and more parents are declining various interventions. It’s not entirely dissimilar to declining or delaying vaccines, which–in case you missed it–has been a bit of an issue recently. Sometimes, these parents have good reasons for the decisions they make. Sometimes, they are misinformed. And sometimes, […]

Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis, Oh My!

Not too long ago, I wrote about a child in Spain who was the first case of diphtheria that country had seen in nearly 30 years. I read today that this same child, after weeks of fighting this deadly disease, had eventually lost the battle—becoming the next child to die tragically from a disease that […]

The Dirt on Diphtheria

Just this week, I read about a case of diphtheria in Spain, in a young child whose parents had apparently decided that immunizations weren’t necessary. I have to say, it’s not the news I expected with my coffee and granola. Honestly, I kind of thought diphtheria was dead. Anyway, it’s a disease I never care to see, but […]

The Rest of the MMR: Mumps and Rubella

Given the content of the news over the past few weeks, I’m assuming you’ve heard about measles. If you haven’t, you need to check your internet connection—or maybe your pulse. But what about the rest of the MMR vaccine? What the heck are mumps and rubella, and why do we care? Mumps Like the other […]