GMO ahead. It’s as safe as any other food.

As I prepare to wade into yet another of the hottest debates on the planet, I want to approach this topic rationally. That means isolating the actual science from our feelings about economics and corporate policies. And it also means starting at the very beginning. What’s a gene? DNA has often been called a “genetic […]

Introducing Foods: The Confused Parent’s Guide

If you’re confused about starting solid foods with your baby, you are not alone. Parents run into a lot of different answers—on the internet, from friends or family, and even at the pediatrician’s office. Trying to decide what to believe can be overwhelming. So I wanted to take some time to go through some of […]

Quick Tips for Back-to-School Success

The new school year is just around the corner (or maybe it’s already started where you live). Either way, here are a few quick tips to make sure you start the year off right: Sleep is key—poor or insufficient sleep can have significant effects on school performance. Many of us (myself included) let our children […]

Lab tests aren’t always helpful–here’s why:

Medicine is always changing, and in many ways, that’s a good thing. While many diagnoses can be made by asking a few questions and performing a thorough physical exam, ordering laboratory and imaging tests is a crucial part of modern medicine. These tests allow us to catch previously fatal diseases early, to choose appropriate treatments, […]

Is your child’s pediatrician better than a smartphone?

There’s no doubt that technology is changing the face of medicine. Today, surgeons can perform minimally-invasive procedures with the assistance of a robot or replace missing limbs with bionic ones. Radiologists can read imaging studies from halfway around the world. There are specialists providing remote services to patients with strokes, women with high-risk pregnancies, and […]

Want to improve your child’s immune system?

If you’re like most parents, you want your kids to be healthy. And if your kids are like most kids, that isn’t always the case. The most frequent illness of childhood is the common cold, and children–especially those in daycare–can get several of these infections per year. While cold viruses rarely result in significant complications, […]

Out of Focus: When Back to School Isn’t Going Well

School is in full swing, and I hope it’s going well for everyone. But I see enough kids to know that sometimes, it doesn’t. A lot of kids struggle in school, and their parents often find themselves wondering what they can do to help. It’s not at all uncommon for parents to bring a child […]